Victorian photographs

The Victorian Era was a time for strange and experimental photography that is unique in capturing the relationship between the everyday person, art, and technology. The Victorian era lasted between the years of 1837 to 1901, while the invention of Photography was met with failed and moderate success from 1800 to 1827. Although, the camera obscura and pinhole predates this to as early as 6BCE, the Victorian Era marked the introduction of Photography at the Great Exhibition. Queen Victoria became the first photographed monarch and launched the popularity in capturing the images of loved ones into a permanent image.

Daguerreotype were the most popular method of Victorian photography, as well as the calotype and the collodion process that almost briefly replaced the daguerreotype. In addition to their process, a Victorian photograph can be distinguished by the dress of the sitters and the subject of actresses, couples, families, living or dead. Among some famous Victorian photographers are Robert Adamson, Edward Anthony, Julia Margaret Cameron, Samuel Morse, Louis Jacques Mande Daguerre, and more.

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Alexander Muir daguerreotype

Earliest known photo of Queen Victoria 1844-1845