Rare book appraisal

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The rare book market is growing, there are over 400 registered rare book dealers in the Antiquarian Booksellers Association of America. These book dealers are always on the lookout for an edition they don’t have, or a volume they haven’t seen before. There are many rare book libraries located in college campuses that are always working toward growing their collection. Most museums and large institutional libraries, such as Yale, have a rare book collection, often specializing in a certain specialty area, if you have a book that fits into their collection you have the potential to sell your book to them so they can present a complete collection for research purposes. Many of institutions that have a rare book collections also display their rare books to the public allowing the beauty and craftsmanship that goes into the production of rare books, especially rare illustrations, they contain to be displayed.

It can be difficult to distinguish what makes a book rarer than others, that’s why you need the services of professional appraisers such as Floridaantiquesappraisers.com. We have trained appraisal experts that know what makes books valuable or affects the value of books. Contact us today for an official appraisal of your book or library and we will provide you with a complete valuation report.

Rre book appraisal