Film photography

Film photography captures the ephemeral peaks of actors and actresses of old cinema, theater, or general big screen entertainers. Drawings and printed posters were the only means of carrying beloved figures home from the movies or theater before the increasing transformation of photography. Likenesses were collected by means of professional photo cards, enlarged posters, and cigar cards. Film photography became increasingly accessible, collectible souvenirs that are still celebrated today, even as stars faded from spotlight and fame. Rare photographs of actresses and actors are constantly being discovered in discarded rolls or private collections.

Film photographs depict celebrities as well as scenes from plays in which they performed sometimes ranging from minstrelsy, vaudeville and established theaters. As photography has come a long way from the carte de visites (early albumin print), film photographs and collections can range from a vast timeline (of an actors career or a particular era) to genre, photo process, and even country of origin. A few famous film photographers are Milton H Green, Richard Avedon, Dennis Stock, Eve Arnold, and more.

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