Civil War photographs

Authentication is an important aspect to art collecting, especially with early historic photographs. Due to the large number of photographs, glass plate negatives and reproductions, Florida Antiues Appraisers employs the skills and research team to determine the authenticity and value of your Civil War photographs.

The Civil War was the first war in the United States to be documented by the new medium of photography. Due to the lengthy exposure time, between five and 20 seconds, there were no action shots but four major categories of Civil War Photography: activities, places, portraits and the Lincoln Assassination.

While Mathew B. Brady is synonymous with Civil War photography, it is actually his studio that produced a large number of photographs during the Civil War. Brady employed numerous assistants including recognizable artists such as Alexander Gardner and Timothy O’ Sullivan. To determine the authenticity or appraise the photographs in your collection, contact Florida Antiues Appraisers.

Alexander Muir daguerreotype

Soldier guarding arsenal Washington, D.C., 1862 by Mathew Brady