Antique manuscripts appraisal

To find out how much your antique manuscript is worth, contact Florida Antiues Appraisers.

A manuscript is a book, document, or sheet music that is written out by hand. If you possess a handwritten diary, sheet music, or letters then you have a manuscript. The market for manuscripts is growing, because new manuscripts can be found at any time, unlike books no one can know how many letters and documents were produced by one individual. Many large archives, museums, and libraries such as the Morgan Library, have manuscript collections. These institutions proudly display manuscripts such as hand drawn medieval books, and handwritten letters from famous authors, artists, and composers. 

Forgery is an issue when questioning a manuscripts worth, there are individuals that can create very realistic manuscript. To get an honest and accurate information regarding your manuscripts’ age, worth, and authenticity you must have it appraised by an appraisal specialist such as the experts at

Antique manuscript worth